Family.Show v3 Released

One of the more fun and compelling sample applications for WPF, which I demoed this morning at the MSDN Roadshow in Reston, VA, has just been updated, as announced by Tim Sneath:

It’s been a little while in coming, but I’m delighted to announce that we’ve shipped the latest release of Family.Show, our reference application for WPF development. Family.Show started a couple of years ago, when WPF was in its infancy and a few of us were looking for ways to showcase the power of the platform as a way for developers to build beautiful Windows applications. We approached our friends at Vertigo Software with a request to partner with us in imagebuilding a WPF sample that would be both a beautiful application in its own right as well as a great learning tool for aspiring WPF developers. After experimenting with a few scenarios, we picked genealogy: not only is it one of the most popular hobbies out there, but it’s also a category of application that closely models a number of (rather more boring) enterprise scenarios.

You can install the app via ClickOnce here, and check out the source on Codeplex.

Tim Sneath : Announcing Family.Show v3 – Our WPF Reference Application