Halo 3 Today - and More HD

I'm jazzed. Later today, the UPS guy should arrive with a package for me that includes what will likely soon become the best-selling video game in history...Halo 3. After all the waiting, it will be great to finally play through the full campaign mode, and experience the multiplayer action, save videos, etc.

And if this review is any indication, it looks to be a great time. Forge mode, which I admit, I initially dismissed as not very interesting based on the fact that you can't edit map topography, promises to be a fun playground for folks who want to put together their own stories, environments, or just blow stuff up.

Also in the package today should be a VGA cable for my 360. As I noted yesterday, although you can use the component cables to get 1080p output for games, you can only get 1080i from the HD DVD drive using component. With the VGA cable, you get full 1080p output for both games and HD DVDs.

That said, if the copy of King Kong that comes with the HD DVD drive (which I just picked up last night) and the copy of Serenity I also got are any indication, even 1080i is truly stunning compared to standard DVD.

So today promises to be a good day in terms of hi-def entertainment. Probably not so much in terms of sleep, though.

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