Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

The following is a collection of recent capabilities announced by Microsoft in the area of CI/CD.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery


Deploy your app to Linux VMs by using Jenkins and Team Services

Approvals and gates overview


Build definition source repositories

Define a continuous integration (CI) build process for your GitHub repo

Define a continuous integration (CI) build process for your Git repo

How to use YAML builds


Utility Tasks

Utility task: Manual intervention

Utility task: Azure function

Utility task: Azure monitor

Utility task: Invoke HTTP REST API

Utility task: Query Work Items

Install and license Package Management

Utility task: Publish Build Artifacts

Utility task: Copy and Publish Build Artifacts

Variable groups

Microsoft Connect 2017 – DevOps project right in Azure etc.

Cloud-hosted Mac agents for CI/CD pipelines

Release Gates: Releases with continuous monitoring built in

Introducing Azure DevOps Project

Announcing “Azure DevOps Project” public preview

Pipeline as code (YAML) preview

While You’re Waiting for Connect(), Check out DevOps at Microsoft