Snippy - A C# code snippet editor

I made it my weekend project to hack up an editor for code snippet files.  If you don't know what code snippets are, you should check out these two entries by Shaykat and Anson.  Shaykat provides a good overview of them in general and Anson touches on them a bit more and shows an example of what the XML for these looks like. 

Anyway, last week Eric suggested one of us should come up with a tool to make our lives easier, so I went ahead and spent a few hours on it.  It was a fun little project and I'll still work on it a bit more (thinking about adding colorizing, toolbar, etc.) and of course fix whatever bugs come in as soon as people actually start using it.  The bulk of it is in, though, completely untested.  The only thing I haven't added yet is support for adding a new snippet to a multi-snippet file.  Currently, we're going with a one-snippet-per-file approach, so that feature isn't all that important anyway.

The files Snippy generates should work fine with recent drops of Visual Studio.  So if you have access to recent builds, you should be able to use this tool.  It should also work with the upcoming community drop folks have been talking about whenever that comes out.

Click on the screenshot below to see a bigger version:

You can download the latest version from here.