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InMotion - a great way of making artistic films

We create IoT solutions for all photographers and filmmakers, no matter if you’re professional or...

Author: Olena Kolikhova Date: 10/30/2016

Meet Robot That Teaches Children To Code

Try to fulfil YOUR dreams, not the dreams of others! Don’t be afraid of brave ideas and mistakes!...

Author: Olena Kolikhova Date: 10/03/2016

MATIA, Imagine Cup 2016 IoT project, will help blind people lead a normal life

“Imagine Cup brings you an adventure, inspires you to continuous learning and experiencing new...

Author: Olena Kolikhova Date: 09/17/2016

Get Inspired To Start Your Own Business!

Imagine Cup Poland Success Stories is a blog dedicated to young people who want to start their...

Author: Olena Kolikhova Date: 07/24/2016