Internet Explorer 8 For Developers


Looking for a great set of resources to get your developers up-to-speed with all the new features in IE8?  Need to get a jump start on resolving IE6 compatibility issues?

Take a look at this blog post  for some great resources to get you on your way – such as Internet Explorer 8’s enhanced developer tools:

  • CSS Tool - that displays various rules defined by style sheets that are loaded by your web pages.
  • Script Debugging - using a built-in lightweight debugger that lets you set breakpoints and step through client-side script without leaving Windows Internet Explorer.
  • Version mode switching - settings that allow you to switch into different browser modes to test content for standards compliance.
  • Profiler - a built-in tool to show where the browser spends most of its time in execution so Web page authors can focus optimizations.

Learn about these other related topics and tools:

  • HTML Enhancements / CSS Improvements in Internet Explorer 8
  • AJAX Enhancements.
  • Web page size reduction.
  • Accessibility / ActiveX Improvements.
  • Fiddler for web payload debugging.

For IE6 compatibility and migration guidance – be sure to check-out:

Web Site Troubleshooting Guidance: Learning to identify and resolve compatibility issues like the Internet Explorer Team

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