DB Pro Power Tools - including T-SQL Analysis, dependency viewing and more refactoring options

In a previous post I covered Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. As of 11th August 2007 you can download DB Pro Power Tools from here. Some of these are really handy, e.g. Static Code Analysis - like an FxCop for T-SQL, and wildcard expansion which will convert e.g. SELECT * into a select from a defined column list.

Here's a quick summary of the tools:

 TSQL Static Code Analysis
• Static Code Analysis - A precursor to the functionality that will be in future versions of VSTS that will allow you to perform Static Code Analysis on T-SQL code.

• “Move Schema” Refactoring - Allows a user to right click on an object and move it to a different but existing schema
• SP Rename Generation - Generate a new script that will contain sp_renames for all rename refactored objects that the user can then execute.
• Wildcard Expansion - Automatically expand the wildcard in a select to the appropriate columns.
• Fully-Qualified Name Support - Automatically inject fully-qualified names when absent in a script
• Refactoring extended to Dataset - Refactor into strongly typed dataset definitions

MSBuild Tasks
• Data / Schema Compare Build Tasks - MSBuild tasks that can generate scripts as if the user had run the Data / Schema compare UI

Schema View
• API Access to Schema View - Insert / Update / Delete to schema View and list schema objects and their associated files

Dependency Tool Window
• Dependency Tree - Show the dependencies ( incoming / outgoing ) for selected schema objects in a new tool window

Miscellaneous Tools
• Script Preprocessor - Expand SQLCMD variables and include files and command line version (sqlspp.exe) & an MSBuild version ( wraps the command line version )

For a detailed explanation, with screenshots, take a look at http://blogs.msdn.com/gertd/archive/2007/08/07/it-is-august-6th.aspx 


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