Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud - Step-by-Step: Building Virtual Networks in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure (Part 14)

When running application workloads on Microsoft Azure, virtual networks deliver the ability for multiple virtual machines and/or cloud services to communicate with one another across a secure, isolated IP network infrastructure. Like physical networks, the IP address space associated with these virtual networks can be subnetted to organize workload components and simplify guest operating system firewall rules. In addition, IP reservations can be defined when an equivalent to static IP addresses are required in the cloud.

Step-by-Step: Building Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks

In today's article in our Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud series, Matt Hester walks through building Microsoft Azure virtual networks.  In his accompanying video tutorial, he shows how to build a virtual network and define subnets via the Microsoft Azure management portal.  In addition, he also steps through the process of testing, assigning and displaying reserved IP addresses on a virtual network.