Now hiring - Windows Workflow Foundation Evangelist

Did you see the sessions at the PDC? Did you read the "Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation" book? Have you downloaded the samples from MSDN and  

How would you like to be involved in releasing a technology that will be available as a Windows (WinFx) component, will be used by millions of developers, and will affect millions of end users? Oh, and did I mention that this will be used in Office "12"?  

We now have an open position for an evangelist focusing on Windows Workflow Foundation. This is an awesome job working with a very cool technology, an awesome evangelism team, and a great product team.  

We're looking for someone that is:

1. Passionate about application development & workflow
2. Excited about sharing knowledge on these topics with other developers
3. Enthusiastic about learning new technologies, stay on the bleeding edge, and building the next killer demo

To be an evangelist for Windows Workflow Foundation you need to have strong communication skills and experience with .NET. Experience with Windows Workflow Foundation or other workflow technologies is preferred. 

Interested? Please contact me through this blog.