Screencast Series: Step-By-Step Windows Vista "Nibbles" - Part 2 of 12 - Using and Modifying the Start Menu

This is the second screencast in my 12-part series and will look at Using and Modifying the Start Menu.  The Start Menu is what links you into all the programs and tasks you can run on your computer.  It is very different from the Windows XP start menu as it has much more information and is customizable.

What we're going to look at in this screencast are the various areas of the Start Menu:  Pinned Programs Area, Recently Opened Programs List, the All Programs link, all of the fast links to different resources on your computer as well as the Shutdown and Logoff buttons.

After reviewing the layout of the Start Menu we'll walk through how to customize the menu and do things like add programs to the Pinned Program Area.

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