What's New in the WPF November CTP -- Also Breaking Changes

Okay, I can get back to blogging about Avalon now that the November CTP is out.  (Silent periods on my blog are either because I'm on the road or on a build of Avalon that isn't public yet.)  Rather than repeat the URLs, see my good man Tim's blog post

I've got an article coming out on MSDN that goes over what's new and breaking changes, but it won't hit MSDN until the first week in December.  So, I've posted a draft hereThe code samples, which include a very handy tool for fixing the mini-language breaking change, are live.  They also include some nifty samples that show off the new CompositionTarget feature, which is a per-frame callback mechanism for doing custom animations.  Here's some screen shots to wet your appetite, although they don't do the animations justice.


Thanks to Adam Smith on the Avalon team for the mini-language fix tool and the Avalon animation team for the CompositionTarget code samples.