Making Your Event Remarkable...

If you are planning on joining the Event Best Practices call on Friday morning, I'm going to ask you to do some "homework."

Coming on the heels of our field trip to hear Seth Godin, here's what I'd like to hear from you.

What is the big "idea" for your event?

Then, I'd like for all of us to put it through the following filters (and help you refine it).

  1. Is it "simple"?
  2. What about it is "viral"?
  3. Will it "stick?"

By simple I mean...can the idea be easily and quickly understood?

By viral, I'm not just talking about email, I'm talking about "word of mouth." What about the idea is going to inspire someone to tell someone else?

By stick, I mean...what about the idea is memorable?

No need to be anxious about this, we are a community and we are going to learn from each other, but this is the only way we will get better.

Talk to you on Friday.