One Hit Wonder...or the Genesis of a great marketing org?

IMAGE_012I think the latter, but time will tell, of course.

Matt and the team from Guru ran their first event today co-marketing with Microsoft. I stopped by to see how it would go.

Here's my analysis.

On the Pro-Side

  1. 21 of 38 registered customers showed up (higher than average) [he started early]
  2. 10 of 21 were prospects (much higher than average of 20%)
  3. Did a great job of prepping presenter
  4. Created a unique customer experience in an authentic/old-school movie theater and premium coffee service
  5. Had nice looking name tags
  6. Event wasn't too long


On the Con-Side

  1. Color code the name tags...customers are red, prospects blue, etc. Makes it easy for staff to know who to talk to about what.
  2. Get the energy started as soon as customers walk in.  People are anxious about whether the event will be worthwhile. The team did a decent job of engaging customers, but need to make sure there's no down time.
  3. Work on the 'remarkable' factor. Solid, but not sure it was wholly remarkable.
  4. Do a pre-event questionnaire...ask people...when they arrive: What do you hope to see today? That one walks away disappointed.
  5. Don't be afraid to highlight your customers. There was one customer who is a passionate Exchange/Office evangelist. He should, in some ways, open the day, to gain customer interest. Use the testimonial. Instead, we tacked him on as an add-on (at my suggestion)

All in all, a solid day...well done by Guru. These guys have the mechanics down and with some fine tuning, will be a marketing juggernaut before long.