How to rebuild System Databases on SQL server 2008 in cluster failover

When the master, model, msdb, and tempdb system databases are rebuilt, the databases are dropped and re-created in their original location. If a new collation is specified in the rebuild statement, the system databases are created using that collation setting. Any user modifications to these databases are lost.

Step 1: Review the documentation "before Rebuild the System Databases"

Rebuild master in SQL Server 2008

Step 2: Put off line SQL Server resource by using Failover Cluster Mamagement

Step 3: Go on the node where this clustered instance is owned

Step 4: Then, run the command :


Step 5: Apply the last service pack


-          The INSTANCENAME parameter takes only the instance name, without any server/virtual server name. For the default instance, enter MSSQLSERVER.
-          If this clustered instance is owned by the current node, the SQL Server resource must be offline or failed.
-          The specified SA password must meet strong password requirements. For more information about strong password requirements, see "Database Engine Configuration - Account Provisioning" in Setup Help or in SQL Server 2008 Books Online.
-         The parameter SAPWD is required if the instance uses Mixed Authentication (SQL Server and Windows Authentication) mode.
-          The collation must be existed (see ).



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