Getting Answers to your Microsoft Partner questions

So you have questions about your partner program information, your access to PartnerSource, getting a copy of something like a End User License Agreement, etc… (Non technical and partner related questions. Use the Telephone Partner Technology Specialists for your pre-sales questions.)

The Dynamics Partner Resource desk (PRD) will provide you with a single place to go to get your questions answered. If the PRD staff cannot answer your question, they will redirect it and will track it until you’ve received an appropriate answer.

The PRD is mandated to answer marketing, sales, training and programmatic questions. It will redirect you to our technical resources for technical questions and to the appropriate organization for licensing questions. Of course, if you already know where to go for your issue resolution, you should continue to go there.

By focusing on operations and support questions, the PRD will help you get answers much more rapidly and will ensure that you do get an appropriate response.

This resource does not replace your current Account Manager if you are managed locally, but does supplement and should provide you with faster and more focused support. Here is how to reach the Partner Resource Desk:


Call 1-800-426-9400 (Open from 6 am to 6 pm PST)

Press 1 ("if you know your party's extension")

Press 81792