I've got a nice piece of furniture in my office

Eric Lippert could not pass on the opporunity to mess with the guts of C# v3. Which is good for Eric, not so good for VSTO team. Eric is an exceptional developer and he is one of the main reasons we take pride in the VSTO code base. He is tireless advocate of doing things the right way as opposed to the hacky whacky lets-throw-something-in-the-air-and-lets-see-if-this-compiles style (it is actually rarely gets that bad but sometimes it is so easy to compromise code quality when you have so much work to do).

While Eric has left the fun, smart and energetic guys as we are there is a new headache for us. We need to find a developer that would love to work with fun, smart and energetic guys and would like to contribute to the next generation of the tools for Office. If you are compelled to do so please drop some lines to another Eric that we are still lucky to keep here :)

As to the new piece of furniture in my office... Well, you have to look at the positive side. Eric had this comfy double-papasan couch in his office. I put an eye on it about 2 years ago while making my baby steps into the fabulous world of VSTO runtime. The process involved a lot of visits into Eric's office and hence seating on what more reminds an inside of a shell rather than a couch. So when the opportunity presented itself I snatched the thing out of Eric's office almost at the same moment the moving sale has been declared.