Top 5 Show Off Videos

If you've been following my blog recently, or if you attended this year's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, you've heard me mention Show Off more than a few times. Well, just today we received the results of the printed surveys that we handed out at the event. For those who couldn't attend, the survey simply had a thumbs-up and thumbs-down next to titles and screenshots of each video. At the end of the survey, we had a thumbs-up and thumbs-down for the entire Show Off event.

Here are the top five videos as ranked by approval (thumbs_up / total_votes):

  1. Bar Code Blitz by Lorin Thwaits, Lawrence Grant, E.W. Lloyd, and Andrew Hollida (98%)
  2. /cameraFlow Labyrinth by casey chesnut (97%)
  3. How I Got SQL Intellisense Working in Microsoft Query Analyzer by Damian Mehers (96%)
  4. Exploring .NET by DPE Sweden and Daniel Akenine (93%)
  5. RoboCoaster Powered by Windows XP and Commercial RTOS on Single Computer by Gerd Lammers (91%)

The approval for Show Off was 98%, an overwhelming vote that says you'd like to see us do this again!

Overall, the top videos were consistently user-focused and had nothing to "sell." The bottom videos were either uninspiring or were very commercial in nature. This insightful feedback will definitely help us set the bar for the next event.