Windows MultiPoint Manager add-ins and LanSchool

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I am Steven Goddard and I work on the WMS team as the Release Manager and Program Manager. Livi has gone back to school, so I am posting on her behalf.

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the cool features for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 is the ability to create add-ins for the product that integrate directly into the Manager. Since MultiPoint shares a common dashboard framework with Windows Server Solutions, the SDK allows for developers to use the WSS SDK to develop on MultiPoint. This makes it possible to create new tabs and subpages that work seamlessly with the rest of the MultiPoint Manager.

The SDK makes it easy for developers by providing samples and templates, so that developing applications that run smoothly with the MultiPoint Manager is clean and simple. One of our partners recently released a product that integrates right into our Manager and provides full feature functionality without having to switch programs.

LanSchool produces in-depth classroom management solutions for different computing platforms, and their release of v7.6 includes an add-in that installs directly into your MultiPoint Manager.

LanSchool v7.6 Tab in MultiPoint Server 2011

This addition is excellent for teachers who enjoy using the features in the Desktops Tab in the MultiPoint Manager and the functionality of LanSchool – no more switching between applications to get the job done! With the built-in tab from LanSchool, teachers can fully utilize LanSchool’s tools, such as messaging, voting, remote control, and launching tests.

Fresh off of Update Rollup 1, it’s definitely an exciting time for MultiPoint Server, and we love to see the work that our partners do to enhance the functionality of our product and deliver more personalized solutions to our customers. Check out the SDK to see how you can start developing for MultiPoint Server here.

Click here for information on how to purchase LanSchool v7.6 and to download a trial version for your MultiPoint Server.

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