Internet Explorer Add-on Contest: Want to go to Vegas?

If you haven't heard by now, IE7 for Windows XP & 2003 was released on Thursday last week!  Congrats to the new IE team for getting this release out. 

Now that IE7 is out the door, the IE team has announced a contest to create the best new add-ons for Internet Explorer.  From the IEBlog, here are the details.  Looks like a trip to the Mix07 conference and a Zune are among the list of prizes!  Want a head start?  Here's a link to the MSDN developer reference on how to build add-ons.

If you weren't aware of some of the great add-ons available for IE, the IE team also just listed some "must have IE add-ons".  Check out, the full IE Add-on catalog here.