Happy Birthday to Me , Again!!!


Its that time of the year again !
I grow a year older ,every year , on the year.
This happened to me last year too and I have a strong suspicion it will happen next year too .

Stuff I did over the last year .

14th Jan 2008   ,  Joined the Astoria team.
14th Jan 2008   ,  Saw snowfall for the first time.
23rd Jan 2008   ,  Went Snowboarding for the  first time.
23rd Jan 2008   ,  Ran into a tree while snowboarding for the first time.
28th April 2008 ,  Went Sky-diving at Snohomish and didn’t jump off the plane ( got scared and canceled jump ).
15th May 2008  ,  Went hang-gliding at Tiger Hill , Issaquah ( yes , first time ). 
5th July 2008    ,  Went River rafting for the first time in Wenatchee valley.
5th July 2008   , Jumped head-first into a rapid just to see if I could , ( I could , don’t think I will ever do it again)

I don’t know if I have become more adventurous or just suicidal.

From a work perspective ,
  Joined the only team I wanted to work for , the Astoria team.
  Worked with the team on Astoria Beta1 and RTM , 
  And the adventurous interim release of Silverlight Client library for RTM.
  I still can’t  believe that I work for this team .
Here’s to 27 years of living and loving !