Another Win Office Blogger

The list of Win Office 12 bloggers is growing. The latest addition is Will Kennedy, who is the general manager of the Outlook team.

Will's a former Word developer. Before that, Will was an intern on the Mac Word 5.0 project. Back in those days, we would occasionally "name" some of our testing releases--an effect carried out by changing the string that was used for new untitled documents in the debugging build. When you started up Word, the window title for a new, untitled document might, for example, be "FearAndLoathing1" (for the Fear and Loathing release) instead of "Document1".

When Will's internship was finished, we did a WillKennedy release, and, for a week, new, untitled documents would come up with "WillKennedy1" for the window title. As far as I know, Will's the only person to have had a testing release of Mac Word named after him.

Stop by, and say, "Hi" to Will. While you're at it, tell him how many customer accolades he'd receive if he went back to working on Mac Word.



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