Flash (SWF) to XAML converter

Mike Swanson has created a Flash (.SWF) to XAML conversion tool called SWF2XAML.  Great stuff!!  KarstenJ interviewed Mike discussing the utility on Channel9.

Mike's utility will be a great addition to the toolbox for artists who have content in Flash that they'd like to incorporate into Windows Presentation Foundation apps.

I knew exactly how I wanted to test SWF2XAML, and shortly after I'd run it through the mill, I discovered that Mike had already employed my favourite bit of Flash animation as one of his samples -- a screen grab of the inimitable Strong Bad checking his e-mail. 

(I was thinking of using WPF to transform Vista's look and feel into something akin to Strong Bad's late great Tandy 400, but unfortunately the results with this version of Mike's tool are a little less optimal when applied to some of the older Strong Bad episodes.)