NLarge is now a CodePlex community project

NLargeNLarge is now hosted up on CodePlex as a community project!  If you haven't seen CodePlex, it's like "Team Foundation Server in the Sky": a place to host community projects, which hosts code, wikis, work items, and all the other great Team Foundation Server collaboration stuff.

NLarge is my humble little utility that I find useful for technical presentations.  It magnifies the screen through a smooth animation, and allows you to pan and zoom around the magnified screen.  You can annotate the magnified image using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen. 

At Tech Ed Europe, squinting from the back of the room, I wish I'd seen more of NLarge, but at the Microsoft Student Partners event I had a couple of people tell me that they're using NLarge in their presentations -- which was really cool to hear!

There's still plenty of room for improvement; even little things, like being able to change the pen colour, would be nice -- so it's great to know that the code is now up on CodePlex, and I hope some of you will contribute.  NLarge is released under the Microsoft Permissive License, which is as permissive as its name suggests.

If you haven't used CodePlex, check it out.  It was incredibly easy for me to get started.

If you just want to download NLarge to use for your presentations, you can still download the binaries here.

Thanks to the CodePlex team for helping me post NLarge up there!