Even more LINQ news items -- Peter Coffee and Slashdot

Here are a few more recent ones:

  • eWeek has a Peter Coffee column: Access to Data No Longer the Weakest LINQ.  "Offering PDC attendees more immediate gratification were Microsoft's rollouts of its data access integration technology, LINQ, for managed-code application writers and its Expression family of illustration and Web-design tools--which radically streamlines the interaction between those who determine the look and those who define the underlying behavior of a site. . . .All of these technology introductions that I've discussed here address the question of why developers should continue to favor the Microsoft platform as the place where they work and as the target for what they produce. By that definition, or for that matter by just about any definition, one would have to call this PDC a great success. "
  • Slashdot.  spongman writes "Channel9 has a video of Anders Hejlsberg demoing C# 3.0. The new language enhancements include implicitly typed locals, extension methods, strongly-typed lambda expressions, anonymous types, and LINQ - a builtin SQL-like syntax for data access. The spec, samples and a working compiler can be found on MSDN. "

If I had thought ahead, I would have titled my news item digests better :-).  Here are my earlier digest posts, from Wednesday 9/14 and Thursday 9/15 at PDC, when we were unveiling Language Integrated Query (LINQ).