Installing SQL 2005 using ISO images

If you have received SQL Server ISO images (as part of your MSDN subscription or as downloaded from MS website), the file names would look like these:

  • en_sql_2005_ent_x86_cd1.iso
  • en_sql_2005_ent_x86_cd2.iso

where en represents English language SKU, ent represents Enterprise Edition, x86 represents that it is 32 bit. These values will be different for your ISO images depending upon what you ordered.

These ISO images are primarily the copy of the content in CD1 and CD2.

Before you begin installation, create a new folder on a drive that has plenty of disk space. Under this folder, create a folder called SERVERS and another one called TOOLS.

Next, using your favorite ISO software, you can mount *_cd1.iso file. Once mounted, copy the contents of this ISO image under the SERVERS folder. Copy the contents of *_cd2.iso under the TOOLS folder.

Once copied, start the setup by launching setup.exe from the SERVERS folder. Choose the options you want and walk through the setup to complete the installation.

For information on installing SQL 2005 using the CDs/DVDs, refer to our earlier blog here.



POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena