CHECKDB, User Groups and .NET Rocks!

A few things to cover with the first cup of coffee this morning before doing a meatier post or two later today.

First off - I've had a bunch of good responses to my CHECKDB runtime survey and I've got data on 66 databases ranging from 10.5GB up to 2.8TB. I'd like to get some more responses, and I have a lot more DVDs to send anywhere in the world so please take some time to respond. Some of the answers have been eye-opening and I'll blog on at least one facet of these later today. Depending on your answers and needs, we may be able to setup a 1-1 con-call to discuss issues around corruption detection and recovery.

Next up is user groups. As part of the same feedback program on CHECKDB, I've been asking around internal Microsoft aliases to get in touch with customers and out of that has come plans to do remote presentations at user groups around the world. Do you run a SQL Server user group and would be interested in a remote presentation from me or one of my team in the Storage Engine? If so, drop me a line at

Finally, a couple of weeks back I did a .NET Rocks! interview with Richard and Carl who I met at TechEd in Barcelona last year. It'll be released on their website March 6th and I talk a lot about CHECKDB, checksums, emergency mode repair and some of the daft things people do. We also ambush a special SQL community guest :-)