Cloud Platform Release Announcements for October 3, 2018

Azure Service Fabric | Updates

Updates for Azure Service Fabric, a cloud based microservices platform that allows you to build, deploy, and operate mission critical microservices applications at scale, are now available. You now have access to a new runtime independent reliable collections library that facilitates dev/test scenarios, as well as the ability to create volume disks to store information locally. Additional updates simplify the service-to-service communication, such as DNS resolution for stateful services, a new layer 7 gateway based on Envoy, and network isolation per application.

Learn more about these new features, other updates, and the rest of the announcements.

Azure security and operations management | Azure Monitor insights for resource groups

Azure Monitor insights for resource groups is now in preview. This new experience offers the best of Azure Monitor scoped to an individual resource group, reducing the time it takes to detect and remediate production issues.

  • Quickly see if any resources in your resource group have active alerts or are experiencing health issues.
  • Visualize your application on a map to understand how components communicate and isolate any failures.
  • Diagnose failures and performance issues in a full-stack way across your application.

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Azure DevOps tool integrations | Updated Azure support in Ansible 2.7

The Azure engineering team is bringing increased native support to Azure for customers using Ansible. Ansible 2.7 includes updates to private blob storage and Virtual Machine Scale Set auto-scaling, as well as new modules, enabling management of Azure Web Apps, Traffic Manager, and many other Azure services.

New tutorials are now available to help you learn more about these updates:

For more information, please visit the Ansible on Azure documentation hub.

Azure SQL Database | Information protection policy management in Azure Security Center

Manage the Azure SQL information protection policy for your entire tenant centrally within Azure Security Center. With central policy management in Azure Security Center, define a customized classification and labeling policy that will be applied across all Azure SQL databases in your organization’s entire Azure tenant. This capability provides flexibility and control over sensitive data in your systems and enables you to align the sensitivity labels and classification classes to your organizational needs, helping you meet compliance requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Learn more about information protection policy management in Azure Security Center.

Azure SQL Database | Save up to 80 percent with reserved capacity and Azure hybrid benefit

Azure SQL Database reserved capacity is now available for SQL Database managed instance. This new pricing option saves you up to 33 percent compared to license-included pricing by prepaying for your SQL Database vCores for a one-year or three-year term. Save up to 80 percent when you combine reserved capacity savings with Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server. Improve budgeting and forecasting with a single upfront payment, making it easy to calculate your investments.

See our pricing page and documentation for more information.

Data Migration Assistant | In preview

Data Migration Assistant: Support for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance now in preview

Now in preview, Data Migration Assistant provides support to help you to migrate on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Data Migration Assistant detects compatibility and feature parity issues that can impact database functionality in target Azure SQL Database Managed Instance databases.

Learn more about Data Migration Assistant.