OBA Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft v. 2.0 Ships!

OBAs, or Office Business Applications, are a breed of application that continue to be developed and deployed by many organizations. An OBA by definition is an Office or SharePoint application that integrates line-of-business (LOB) data into an information worker experience. You can imagine this is a broadly defined app,  but can include many different Office or SharePoint features to manage business processes, data and collaboration. Today’s OBAs take on many different forms, using Silverlight, SharePoint, Office add-ins, OpenXML, and other technologies to surface LOB data within a familiar and predictable experience.

To help you with your OBA development efforts, today the OBA Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft shipped! This is a rev of the original starter kit that was built on Office/SharePoint 2007 against PeopleSoft. The key difference with this new rev is that the code has been migrated to Office/SharePoint 2010, the solution uses Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Silverlight is also used in places where it wasn’t before, and there have been some code optimizations. The kit is intended to give you some understanding of how you could integrate Office & SharePoint with PeopleSoft through whitepapers, application walkthroughs, and source code. You can get the full starter kit from here: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/obapsftsak20. You’ll also find some helpful OBA links here as well.


Donovan Follette, who published this kit, has also blogged about the new starter kit here. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/donovanf/archive/2011/04/13/announcing-oba-sample-application-kit-for-peoplesoft-v-2-0-now-available.aspx.

This is a great resource for those of you trying to understand how you can go ahead and integrate PeopleSoft with Office and SharePoint. I hope you’ll find the kit useful.