Important Tips on NFS (Part 4)

What registry keys can be modified, if the number of Unix clients are more?

We can make the following registry changes:


· Right-click DefaultConcurrentConnections, and then click Modifyè  default value would be 256, you could make it to 1024.

· And DefaultNumberOfWorkerThreadsè default value is 16, make this to 64.

However for performance related issue on Windows 2008 NFS server, one can try the settings as per the below whitepaper:

What are the common errors in NFS?



· NFS3ERR_ACCES è ( common error due permission issue)

What are related Technet documents for NFS over windows 2008? è (NFS over Windows 2008) è (NFS over Windows 2008 R2)  è(NFS RFC)

Any other place where information on NFS can be found?


What are the common tools to diagnose NFS issue?

You can check for the symptoms on our team blogs. In case it does not resolve the issue you can collect the below data and contact Microsoft for further analysis.

1. Collect the SFU reports:

2. Collect NetMon (network monitor) while the issue can be reproduce: