Refresh of SharePoint Server 2013 IT Pro training now available

We are excited to announce a refreshed version of the technical training materials for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. This training package is for administrators, architects, and business analysts for learning all the new capabilities and functionalities in SharePoint Server 2013. Content doesn’t only concentrate on SharePoint configuration, but also covers the different new functionalities from user experience perspective.

This training package is publicly available from the SharePoint TechCenter and contains multiple videos and downloadable presentations that are used with the videos.

What was actually released?

The released package contains many technical details across the SharePoint Server 2013. This is the refreshed version of the previously released training package, and all materials have been updated to match the RTM version of SharePoint Server 2013.

All videos include slide shows, and most videos contain at least one demo that shows the covered concepts in detail.

  • 51 presentations and videos
  • Over 17 hours of video
  • 790 PowerPoint slides about SharePoint Server 2013

The material has been separated into to 14 modules. Each one contains one or more videos lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to more than an hour.

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Architectural Changes
  • Farms and site architecture planning
  • Office Web Apps 2013 architecture and deployment
  • Service application architecture
  • Enterprise Search
  • Social Features
  • Enterprise and Web Content Management
  • Customization options and management
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Upgrading to SharePoint Server 2013
  • Project 2013 for IT Professionals

Introduction to presenters

Refreshed version of this package has slightly different presenters than what beta version had. All presenters are working in Microsoft and have been closely involved with SP2013 product release since the early alpha versions of the product. There was lot of more people also involved from Microsoft to create the training materials from different organization units. Here’s short introduction to each of the presenters.

Bill Baer

Bill is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. In this training package, Bill is responsible for the Business Continuity Management video recordings and the overall coordination of the content.

Picture of Bill Baer from released video

Chris Gideon

Chris is as Solution Architect at Microsoft. In this training package, Chris is responsible for social video recordings.

Picture of Chris Gideon from released video

Sean Livingston

Sean is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. In this training package, Sean is responsible for the upgrading topics.

Picture of Sean Livingston from released video

Steve Peschka

Steve is a Principal Consultant at Microsoft. In this training package, Steve is responsible for fundamentals of architecture, general farm configuration, enterprise search and security-related topics.

Picture of Steve Peschka from released video

Vesa Juvonen

Vesa is a Principal Consultant at Microsoft and is also the program manager for the training package. In this training package, Vesa gives the general introduction and he also discusses miscellaneous service applications, Office Web Apps, customization considerations, ECM and WCM.

Picture of Vesa Juvonen from released video

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to the refreshed package.

  • Can I use these materials in my own presentations?
    • Yes. These are made downloadable so that you can use these presentations for explaining the awesomeness of SharePoint Server 2013
  • Is there a download option for the videos?
    • Unfortunately, no. These videos are currently only available online. We are investigating how to make them available for offline download.
  • Is there some additional information related on Project 2013?

Vesa Juvonen
Principal Consultant

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