How to save your files in ODF formats using Office 365

Microsoft has a long history of supporting open document formats in Office 365, even as some of our competitors lagged behind. Today, that journey begins a new chapter as the “Download to ODF” functionality in Office 365 becomes available for all our users, as part of a free update to both the Consumer and Enterprise versions of Office 365. 

Office 365 has supported ODF files for some time, but this new update makes it easier than ever for all Office 365 users to convert files into a range of ODF formats. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the other Office 365 tools you rely on are now fully compliant with the UK government’s ODF mandate, ahead of schedule with the commitments we made earlier this year.

Downloading your files in ODF formats could not be easier. Just open up your file, click “Save As” and select “Download as ODT” for Word files, “Download as ODS” for Excel files or “Download as ODP” for PowerPoint. Simple as that!

This new feature, along with the numerous openness and cross-platform announcements Microsoft made at Build, re-enforce our alignment with the UK Government. We are committed to helping public sector offices throughout the UK embrace a cloud-first approach that promotes productivity and value for money in equal measure.

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