Come see us at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference – 6-8th April 2009 in London

It’s not often a SharePoint conference comes to Europe. Most of the SharePoint conferences are hosted in the States. Well, not any more! Steve Smith, from Combined Knowledge, is arranging a SharePoint Best Practices Conference in the heart of London.   What makes this conference special is that this conference is solely focussed on providing real world, from the trenches, recommendations and best practices from experts that live and breathe SharePoint. Secondly, the number of sessions on SharePoint is mind boggling.

I am presenting a session (details below) and my team mate Martin Kearn is helping with the Ask the Experts panel discussions (and possibly presenting a session himself).  The UK SharePoint team in MCS (the team behind this blog) is also helping out, but more detail on that later once we have finalized what team mates are available.

The conference is divided into 4 tracks to accommodate topics from all SharePoint professionals, including IT Pro, Developers and Designers, Information Workers and Business Strategy and Adoption.  Knowledgeable experts, such as Joel Oleson and Andrew Connell (to name a few of many, full list available here), will be presenting at the conference. If you haven’t registered yet, click here to sign up before its to late.

I am also hoping to see you at my session which will hopefully be of great value to teams running SharePoint in a virtualized environment.  If you have any questions on virtualized environments, specific areas you want me to cover in more detail, or you are having trouble in a particular area, please feel free to email me at: I will try my best to include answers to your questions in my session.

Also, watch out for the “Virtualizing SharePoint” blog post series that we are about to release over the coming weeks on this blog!

IT113 Best Practices for implementing a virtualized SharePoint Production Farm - Brian Wilson

“This session will provide best practices for virtualizing your SharePoint environment. It will provide balanced guidance and recommendations for implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in virtualised scenarios, from the physical hardware layer, virtualization platform layer to the guest operating system layer where the SharePoint Farm operates. The decisions at each of these layers affect the performance of server roles in the SharePoint Farm, and therefore the overall performance of your MOSS farm.

We also deep dive into SharePoint from a completely different angle, which is from the 4 core resources point of view: CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. We illustrate the differences between each as a physical and virtual resource, and provide guidance to monitor, measure and optimize the performance of each resource in your SharePoint environment.

If you are interested in virtualizing your SharePoint deployment, want it to perform optimally, and need practical guidance on how to do this, this is a session not to be missed!”

We look forward to seeing you there! I am really excited, can't wait!

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