Webinar: Empower your mobile workforce with Enterprise Mobility Suite!


Have your customers been asking for solutions that empower their mobile workforce? Do they need control over access, devices and data? With the current technology advances both employers and employees are juggling between flexibility and productivity. It seems like a never ending quest. But, it is all going to change.

The comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offering - that gives partners the ability to deliver solutions to empower their customers’ mobile workforce, while giving them control over access, devices and data - is now available for SMB customers. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check it out. In fact, we have been hearing from partners that they are super excited about the offering: “The EMS is a thunderous offering!” mentioned one.

To learn more, join us on May 21 for “Announcing Enterprise Mobility for every SMB! ” webinar to capitalize on new sales opportunities with exciting cloud solutions for mobility and remote access. You will learn how to enable secure access, manage devices and apps, protect shared information and bring global access to your business resources.

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Here is your unique chance to create new recurring revenue streams by offering unparalleled value with three products - Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service (RMS) - combined into one cloud-based solution – all for an affordable subscription.

The capabilities packaged in the EMS are a giant step beyond simple MDM. The EMS is a people-first approach to identity, devices, apps, and data – and it allows you to actively build upon what you already have in place while proactively empowering your workforce well into the future. Its three key elements are:

  1. Identity and access management delivered by Azure Active Directory Premium
  2. MDM and MAM delivered by Windows Intune, and
  3. Data Protection delivered by Azure AD Rights Management Services

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Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist