Top 10 Wiki Ninjas: Heslacher cleans house!!!! Plus a look at some Visual Basic forum contributions

Welcome to our weekly Top 10 Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

There were 4 people with over 50 contributions this week. Let's see what's happening...


Ed Price - Well, it looks like I've been doing a lot of editing while hosting the TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge this week. Please go check that out if you haven't (current tally)! I won't feature myself, since I featured myself A few weeks ago anyway (Top 10 Wiki Ninjas: Ed Price travels back in time to SQL Server 2000). How tacky is that? =^)


Fernando Veltam - We featured Fernando here back in November of last year. I'm happy to announce that Fernando is added to the blog, and you'll get to see some blog posts from him in the future! This week, Fernando has been working on Portuguese translations and on helping us clean up spam.


Luigi Bruno - We featured Luigi back in December last year. Luigi is also a contributor on this blog. (He's only blogged once, but it was actually one of our most successful blog posts.)


Heslacher - Well, we haven't featured Heslacher yet, who has been hard at work cleaning up spam and helping explain why.


Luciano Lima - We featured Luciano in January. Luciano is an MVP and is leading the Portuguese efforts in the TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge. As you can see here, they're doing a fantastic job!


And the #6-10 top Wiki Ninjas this week... Tord has been leading our Norwegian translation efforts. Jewel has had a fantastic run fixing all our typos and misspellings, (thank you Jewel, you help prove the value of my Reason #3 here). Jason H is an Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft SQL Server support team, and he's been writing and editing DQS articles (Jason's blog). Ana has been contributing some great Portuguese content (we featured Ana in December). And Pronichkin has been contributing on some Windows Server articles (check out our interview with Artem here).

So congratulations to all of this week's Top 10 Wiki Ninjas!

Now let's see what Heslacher's been up to...


  Heslacher's Profile


Here is Heslacher's German webiste: (for the company, inFLOWmation)

As you'll see in the profile, Heslacher has been helping us clean up spam. Spam is any article that doesn't talk about Microsoft technology, and generally exists to be a landing page from online search to link people to the spammer's webpage. This is a common issue in all social-media-type websites (wiki, blog, Twitter, Facebook, email, forums, etc.). Specific features are already in place to prevent bots from creating new articles (automatic, preprogrammed scripts). And we also ban accounts that spam. Anyway, Heslacher's contributions are very valuable to the Wiki community!

Here's an example of a spam article that Heslacher cleaned up in order to be removed later: SPAM_20120320_0016

That particular author then created a new article asking why their article was considered spam. I turned that article into this discussion here:

Discussion: How to Make Sure Your Article Is Not Marked as Spam

On that page, Heslacher mentioned...


"The TechNet Wiki is a library of information about Microsoft technologies written by the community for the community."

"The Wiki is focused on Microsoft technologies. The community will edit or remove topics that get too far off track. "


And then in forums, Heslacher has been helping clean house in a different way, by helping people solve their Visual Basic issues...

In addition to proposing answers when people answer questions (like here), Heslacher has recently answered a few Visual Basic questions...

get value problem

Borderstyle nicht in

VB Array to C# Array moven, How? (a .NET question)

Registry Value Creation 

Creating an event that the processing of the file is completed (Visual C#)


So thanks again to Heslacher and for the valuable contributions to our community!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)