Calling all ALM Rangers to nominate their Champions!

We are calling on all ALM Rangers to cast their votes for the ALM Ranger champions as outlined in the recent monthly and weekly flash emails.
Pale Blue Person Putting Their Voting Envelope In A Ballot Box During A Presidential Election Clipart Illustration Image One Ranger six votes Smile

What awards?

The awards are based on "ALM Rangers" performance for the past 12 months and divided into 6 categories:

  • Ruck Master – mentor, guide and coach for project leads and teams
  • Project Lead - loves transparency, focused on fine tuning team & collaboration
  • Product Owner - owns & makes tough decisions on scope & stakeholders
  • Product Group - nurtures bridges between product group and Rangers
  • "933>| " - passionate about solutions and creator of great bits & bytes
  • Champion of Champions – the brightest star amongst Rangers we admire & respect


Who where our previous champions?

On you will find the most recent champion awards. For older nominations you can peruse the following posts:

We are ‎always on the lookout for and love to celebrating success stories. Unfortunately not being omniscient we simply don’t know about many of them. So if you know of any outstanding contributions/actions by an ALM Ranger, please contact me or add a comment to this post.