Integrated Security Configuration for your Azure VM

Last week I wrote about the new Azure Security Center Network Map, today I want to talk about the new integrated security configuration experience for Azure VMs, which was also something that we announced at RSA Conference. With this new experience, you can see all recommendations for a particular VM, directly from the VM's properties in the Azure Portal, under the Security settings as shown below:

With this new integration, you can quickly visualize VM's recommendations as you go through the process of reviewing the VM's settings. In this blade you can also identify in which workspace this VM is located, and the Security Center tier. This interface also allows you to quickly navigate from this blade to Security Center dashboard.

Can I export these recommendations?

Since this is a common question, I decided to add it here, and the answer is: you can, but not from this blade. The best way to export Azure Security Center recommendations is via Azure Advisor dashboard. As you can see below, the Security tile is basically a list of recommendations coming from Azure Security Center:

From this dashboard, you can download the recommendations as PDF or CSV format.