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RibbonX API: Extend The 2007 Office System With Your Own Ribbon Tabs And Controls

If you want to create your own professional looking tabs and controls in Office, check out the RibbonX API of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Eric Faller

Smarter Art: Create Custom SmartArt Graphics For Use In The 2007 Office System

SmartArt incorporates a gallery of templates and predefined shapes that can quickly be inserted and configured in your Microsoft Office documents. Find out how. Janet Schorr

Office Add-Ins: Develop Add-Ins For PowerPoint And Visio Using VSTO

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System is more powerful than ever, allowing you to create add-ins for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, and InfoPath. Paul Stubbs

Data Joins The Team: Introducing Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals

Here Brian Randell presents everything you need to know to get started with Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals. Brian A. Randell

SQL Server 2005: Regular Expressions Make Pattern Matching And Data Extraction Easier

Now you can perform efficient, sophisticated text analysis using regular expressions in SQL Server 2005. David Banister

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Editor's Note: Hello, Office
Nothing’s more disappointing than clever design paired with poor implementation. Bluetooth headsets come to mind: they’re tiny, wireless, and cute. But, they don’t pair properly, they turn on when you want them off, or off when you want them on. Joshua Trupin
Toolbox: Rich Web App UIs, Tools for Regular Expressions, and More
In this issue, create rich Web app UIs, explore tools for regular expressions, and create screen mockups.Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: .NET Application Extensibility
This month the CLR team introduces the new System.AddIn namespace in the Base Class Library, which will be available in the next release of Visual Studio. Jack Gudenkauf and Jesse Kaplan
Data Points: Data Bound Applications with ADO.NET and Custom Objects
In this column see how to bind a custom list of business entities using the binding tools in the .NET Framework 2.0.John Papa
Office Space: Building Office Open XML Files
This new column explores how you can extend and customize Microsoft Office System applications and file formats.Ted Pattison
Test Run: AJAX Test Automation
This month James McCaffrey presents a technique that allows you to write lightweight test automation to verify the functionality of AJAX Web applications. Dr. James McCaffrey
Cutting Edge: Perspectives on ASP.NET AJAX
AJAX allows you to build rich browser applications using powerful combinations of existing client-side Web technologies. This month Dino delves into AJAX Dino Esposito
Service Station: The Service Factory for WCF
This month Aaron Skonnard continues his exploration of software factories with a look at the Web Service Software Factory for Windows Communication Foundation.Aaron Skonnard
Foundations: Build a Queued WCF Response Service
With queued calls in Windows Communication Foundation you can perform work in a disconnected manner by sending messages through Microsoft Message Queuing. Juval Lowy explains.Juval Lowy
Netting C++: Mapping Native C++ to the Common Type System
This month Stanley Lippman begins translating the Text Query Language Query class hierarchy from C++ to the .NET Common Type System. Stanley B. Lippman
C++ at Work: Rationales, Highlights, and a Farewell
What's the deal with const functions, and lots more on the reasoning behind the design of the C++/CLI.Paul DiLascia
{End Bracket}: Let My People Code
Charles Petzold discusses why limiting resources can spawn great creativity.Charles Petzold