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Mobility: Make Your WPF Apps Power-Aware

Here Andre Michaud shows you how to use power notifications to make your applications power aware. Andre Michaud

Share Code: Write Code Once For Both Mobile And Desktop Apps

If you're building .NET client apps already, target them to Windows Mobile using the same skills and toolsets. Daniel Moth

NTFS: Enhance Your Apps With File System Transactions

Presented here is an overview of Transactional NTFS and how it revolutionizes transactions. Jason Olson

Security: Applying Cryptography Using The CNG API In Windows Vista

Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) is meant to be a long-term replacement for the CryptoAPI, providing replacements for all of the cryptographic primitives it offered. Kenny Kerr

Speak Up: Support Dictation With Text Services Framework

Learn how to make your apps speech-aware by supporting Windows Speech Recognition and the Text Services Framework. Eric Brown

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Editor's Note: What Is Mobility?

Does mobility come from a motorized scooter, a cell phone, or a Pocket PC? It depends on who you are.Joshua Trupin

Toolbox: Find Bottlenecks, Code Similarities, and More

This month, find performance and memory bottlenecks, essential security reading, and more.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Digging into IDisposable

This month: cleaning up resources that are not garbage collected by the CLR garbage collector.Shawn Farkas

Data Points: ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview

The new Entity Framework in ADO.NET will let you manipulate data using an object model. John Papa explains.John Papa

Cutting Edge: Context-Sensitive Feedback with AJAX

Beyond progress bars: talking to server-side apps with ASP.NET AJAX.Dino Esposito

Service Station: WCF Bindings In Depth

The WCF programming model makes it easy to configure services with a variety of wire formats and message protocols, thanks to binding.Aaron Skonnard

Bugslayer: Wait Chain Traversal

Windows Vista has a new API called Wait Chain Traversal (WCT), which allows you to determine when and why a process is deadlocked. Read on.John Robbins

Security Briefs: Active Directory Cache Dependencies

If you're not taking advantage of Active Directory, you should be. Learn the benefits from Keith Brown.Keith Brown

Foundations: Extending the WPF Animation Classes

Learn what the WPF Animation Classes can do, what they can't, and how to extend them.Charles Petzold

{ End Bracket }: Weaving Your Photos with Photosynth

See what the Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research is up to these days.Richard Szeliski