MSDN Flash - Volume 20, Number 26: December 12, 2016

Top News Worldwide

New: A roundup of enhancements for C++ in Visual Studio 2017 RC

Register for training: Microsoft SQL database development series

How to: Embed native views in your Xamarin.Forms apps

Announcing: Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub

NoSQL .NET Core development using local DocumentDB emulator
Scott Hanselman shares his experience about a quick start ASP.NET MVC experience using the new DocumentDB emulator. No Azure account required.

MVA training: Service Fabric patterns and practices
Watch this course to learn about Azure Service Fabric from the pros who designed it. Find out how to design, develop, and operate your microservices on Azure Service Fabric using best practices and proven, reusable patterns as you explore the blueprint to design your first cloud app.

Microsoft Graph: Gateway to data and intelligence
Yina Arenas dives into Microsoft Graph and how it's used to build smarter, context-aware applications that use the latest APIs from SharePoint, Exchange, Azure Active Directory, and other services in Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud, all under a single endpoint and with a single authentication flow.

Azure Data Lake: Big data development made easy
The development model and tools in Azure Data Lake (ADL) radically simplify working with scale-out, distributed queries over non-traditional data. MSDN Magazine explores some of the development and debugging strengths in ADL with U-SQL.

Bring your desktop app to the Universal Windows Platform using Desktop Bridge
The new Windows 10 app packaging technology enables your app to cleanly install, uninstall, and update, and provides full access to UWP APIs, such as Live Tiles and Cortana. Learn about the options for converting your app’s installation into a Windows app package.

Announcing: Office Store policy changes to support apps and add-ins for larger organizations
ISVs can now submit Enterprise Add-Ins. Some apps and add-ins that target larger organizations are not typically acquired by individual users – they require sign-up by the enterprise rather than by individuals. Office Store is making changes to Store validation policies for submissions that meet certain criteria.

In-memory DB performance for your apps
SQL Server 2016 SP1 delivers a consistent programming surface area across all editions of SQL Server. One of the benefits is that in-memory OLTP (aka Hekaton) is now available in SQL Server Standard Edition and Express Edition. Learn how to enable it to improve performance in your apps and services.

Secure and deliver with rugged DevOps
DevOps is about going fast. Security is about minimizing risks. Rugged DevOps is a set of practices designed to meet both these goals more effectively. Read this article from MSDN Magazine for a look at the practices, the partners, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

Update to filtering and sorting in the Mail, Calendar, and Contacts REST API
A recent change deployed to Microsoft Graph V1.0 and the Outlook V1.0 and 2.0 endpoints blocks a specific class of requests. This, unfortunately, has impacted some apps and services. This post explains the change and what you should do if your app or service is affected.

How it is possible to run SQL Server on Linux
Mary Jo Foley digs into how SQL Server can support two operating systems and how the Microsoft Research project “Drawbridge” makes it possible.


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