Microsoft Developer Newsletter - Volume 22, Number 14: July 16, 2018

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How to build trusted decentralized applications with Blockchain as a Service in Azure

Get started with machine learning on IoT edge devices

Azure App Service Web Apps: Build and host apps in the language of your choice

Make your cloud apps more resilient with Polly and the Retry pattern

Now available: Improve performance with Git 2.18.0 and Git for Windows 2.18.0
Git 2.18.0 and Git for Windows 2.18.0 offer a variety of features and performance enhancements, including a serialized commit-graph. This is especially handy for working in a large repository with tens of thousands of commits.

Create dynamic forms with Angular
Ted Neward explains how you can create a web-based questionnaire that dynamically generates fields based on the types of questions drawn from an external source.

A simple approach to querying a database with EF Core 2.1 Query Types
Take a deep look at the new EF Core 2.1 Query Type feature and discover how you can easily query a database without needing true entities with key properties to consume the results.

On demand: Microsoft Tech Summit
More than 90 Microsoft Tech Summit sessions are now available on demand. Dive into Java app development and deployment with Azure, learn about building mobile apps with Xamarin, and find out how you can create serverless apps with Azure.

Announcing: Just My Code stepping for C++ 
Visual Studio 2017 release 15.8 Preview 3 includes support for Just My Code stepping for C++. Get details about this new capability, find out how it can simplify debugging, and learn how to enable Just My Code in Visual Studio.

Now available: Configuration templates for CMake
Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3 includes a variety of improvements for the CMake tools. One notable change is the ability to use configuration templates to configure your CMakeSettings.json file.

Xamarin.Essentials: Cross-platform APIs for your mobile apps 
Get an introduction to Xamarin.Essentials and find out how this cross-platform library provides access to common features on mobile platforms. Build cross-platform C# apps without writing abstractions or platform-specific code.

Faster updates in the Microsoft Store
The Microsoft Store has implemented a streamlined process for publishing changes to listings that do not include updates to the actual packages. This makes it easier to add new screenshots, call out key features, and offer special pricing.


Webinar: Powering the future of energy efficiency with IoT 
July 31, 2018
Join this IoT in Action webinar to hear how the energy industry is benefiting from IoT use cases, both on the consumer level and the industrial level. Find out how Microsoft is leading smart energy and digital transformation initiatives with Azure IoT and learn about solutions from Apergy.

Microsoft Ignite 
September 24‒28, 2018, Orlando, FL
Explore the latest in cloud technology, collaboration tools, and productivity at Microsoft Ignite. Register to attend and connect with the experts who build and support the tech you use every day.


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