Getting started with the Azure Active Directory reporting API

Azure Active Directory provides you with a variety of reports. The data of these reports can be very useful to your applications, such as SIEM systems, audit, and business intelligence tools. The Azure AD reporting APIs provide programmatic access to the data through a set of REST-based APIs. You can call these APIs from a variety of programming languages and tools.

This article provides you with the information you need to get started with the Azure AD reporting APIs. In the next section, you find more details about using the audit and sign-in APIs.

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Learning map

  1. Prepare - Before you can test your API samples, you need to complete the prerequisites to access the Azure AD reporting API.
  2. Explore - Get a first impression of the reporting APIs:

  3. Customize - Create your own solution:

Next Steps

If you are curious to see all available Azure AD Graph API endpoints, use this link:$metadata?api-version=beta.