API import restrictions and known issues

About this list

When importing an API, you might come across some restrictions or identify issues that need to be rectified before you can successfully import. This article documents these, organized by the import format of the API.

Open API/Swagger

If you are receiving errors importing your Open API document, ensure you have validated it - either using the designer in the Azure portal (Design - Front End - Open API Specification Editor), or with a third-party tool such as Swagger Editor.

  • Host Name APIM requires a host name attribute.
  • Base Path APIM requires a base path attribute.
  • Schemes APIM requires a scheme array.


WSDL files are used to generate SOAP Pass-through APIs or serve as the backend of a SOAP-to-REST API.

  • WSDL:Import - Currently, APIM does not support APIs using this attribute. Customers should merge the imported elements into one document.
  • Messages with multiple parts Currently, APIM does not support these types of messages.
  • WCF wsHttpBinding SOAP services created with Windows Communication Foundation should use basicHttpBinding - wsHttpBinding is not supported.
  • MTOM Services using MTOM may work. Official support is not offered at this time.
  • Recursion types that are defined recursively (for example, refer to an array of themselves) are not supported by APIM.


Currently, there are no known WADL import issues.