API Apps overview

API apps in Azure App Service offer features that make it easier to develop, host, and consume APIs in the cloud and on-premises. With API apps you get enterprise grade security, simple access control, hybrid connectivity, automatic SDK generation, and seamless integration with Logic Apps.

Azure App Service is a fully managed platform for web, mobile, and integration scenarios. API Apps is one of four app types offered by Azure App Service.

App types in Azure App Service

Why use API Apps?

Here are some key features of API Apps:

In addition, an API app can take advantage of features offered by Web Apps and Mobile Apps. The reverse is also true: if you use a web app or mobile app to host an API, it can take advantage of API Apps features such as Swagger metadata for client code generation and CORS for cross-domain browser access. The only difference between the three app types (API, web, mobile) is the name and icon used for them in the Azure portal.

What's the difference between API Apps and Azure API Management?

API Apps and Azure API Management are complementary services:

  • API Management is about managing APIs. You put an API Management front end on an API to monitor and throttle usage, manipulate input and output, consolidate several APIs into one endpoint, and so forth. The APIs being managed can be hosted anywhere.
  • API Apps is about hosting APIs. The service includes features that facilitate developing and consuming APIs, but it doesn't do the kinds of monitoring, throttling, manipulating, or consolidating that API Management does. If you don't need API Management features, you can host APIs in API apps without using API Management.

Here's a diagram that illustrates API Management used for APIs hosted in API apps and elsewhere.

Azure API Management and API Apps

Some features of API Management and API Apps have similar functions. For example, both can automate CORS support. When you use the two services together, you would use API Management for CORS since it functions as the front end to your API apps.

Getting started

To get started with API Apps by deploying sample code to one, see the tutorial for whichever framework you prefer:

To ask questions about API apps, start a thread in the API Apps forum.