Serverless computing solution for LOB apps

Cognitive Services
Cosmos DB
Dynamics 365
Power BI

Solution Idea

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This serverless architecture enables you to build and run applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and the associated management and maintenance. By using it, you can dramatically improve developer productivity.


Architecture Diagram Download an SVG of this architecture.

Data flow

  1. Information about the new customer is posted to a web endpoint.
  2. The customer's photo is posted to Cognitive Services Face API. Face API associates the customer's photo and name.
  3. The customer information is recorded in Dynamics 365 or other CRM.
  4. The information about a new customer is sent to Power BI.
  5. The customer information is added to the mailing list (MailChimp).
  6. The solution creates a record of the member in Cosmos DB.

Next Steps