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The Azure Blueprint program is designed to facilitate the secure and compliant use of Azure for government agencies and third-party providers building on behalf of government. Azure Government customers may leverage Azure Government’s FedRAMP JAB Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) or DoD Provisional Authorization (PA), reducing the scope of customer-responsibility security controls in Azure-based systems. Inheriting security control implementations from Azure Government allows customers to focus on control implementations specific to their IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS environments built in Azure.


Within the context of Azure Blueprint, "customer" references the organization building directly within Azure. Azure customers may include third-party ISVs building on behalf of government or government agencies building directly in Azure.

Blueprint Customer Responsibilities Matrix

The Azure Blueprint Customer Responsibilities Matrix (CRM) is designed to aid Azure Government customers implementing and documenting system-specific security controls implemented within Azure. The CRM explicitly lists all NIST SP 800-53 security control requirements for FedRAMP and DISA baselines that include a customer implementation requirement. This includes controls with a shared responsibility between Azure and Azure customers, as well as controls that must be fully implemented by Azure customers. Where appropriate, controls are delineated at a control sub-requirement granularity to provide more specific guidance.

The CRM format is designed for utility and is conducive to focused documentation of only the customer portions of implemented security controls.

For example, control AC-1 requires documented access control policies and procedures for the system seeking an ATO. For this control, Microsoft has internal Azure-specific policies and procedures regarding access control mechanisms used to manage the Azure infrastructure and platform. Customers must also create their own access control policies and procedures used within their specific system built in Azure. The CRM documents control parts AC-1a, which requires the policies and procedures to include specific content, as well as AC-1b, which requires customers to review and update these documents on an annual basis.

The Blueprint CRM is available as Microsoft Excel workbook for the FedRAMP Moderate and High baselines, the DISA Cloud Computing SRG L4 and L5 baselines, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

The Azure Blueprint Program CRM is available for download from the Service Trust Portal under Trust Documents.

Blueprint System Security Plan

The Azure Blueprint System Security Plan (SSP) template is customer-focused and designed for use in developing an SSP that documents both customer security control implementations as well as controls inherited from Azure. Controls which include a customer responsibility, contain guidance on documenting control implementation with a thorough and compliant response. Azure inheritance sections document how security controls are implemented by Azure on behalf of the customer.

The Azure Blueprint SSP is available for the FedRAMP Moderate and High baselines, and the DISA Cloud Computing SRG L4 and L5 baselines.

The Azure Blueprint Program SSP is available for download from the Service Trust Portal under Trust Documents.

Azure Blueprint implementation guidance

Azure Blueprint implementation guidance is designed to help cloud solution architects and security personnel understand how Azure Government services and features can be deployed to implement a subset of customer-responsibility FedRAMP and DoD security controls. An array of documentation, tools, templates, and other resources are available to guide the secure deployment of Azure services and features. Azure resources can be deployed using Azure Resource Manager template building blocks, community-contributed Azure Quickstart Templates, or through use of customer-authored JSON-based Resource Manager templates. The architecture of a basic deployment in Azure includes compute, networking, and storage resources. This implementation guidance addresses how these resources can be deployed in ways that help meet security control implementation requirements.

The Azure Blueprint Program NIST SP 800-53 implementation guidance is available for download from the Service Trust Portal under Trust Documents > Compliance Guides.

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