Azure Monitor Documentation

Azure Monitor, which now includes Log Analytics and Application Insights, provides sophisticated tools for collecting and analyzing telemetry that allow you to maximize the performance and availability of your cloud and on-premises resources and applications. It helps you understand how your applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on.

Suggested content

Use the following links to see a suggested list of content for Log Analytics and Application Insights.

5-Minute Quickstarts

Learn how to collect and analyze metrics and logs collected from Azure resources.

Learn how to start monitoring your application with Azure Monitor Application Insights.

Step-by-step Tutorials

Learn how to analyze, visualize, and act on collected data.

  1. View or analyze data collected
  2. Create and share dashboards
  3. Autoscale based on schedule or application performance
  4. Archive monitoring data

Learn how to continuously improve the performance and usage of your web applications.

  1. Find and diagnose run-time exceptions
  2. Find and diagnose performance issues
  3. Monitor and alert on application health
  4. Analyze customer usage and information
  5. Create custom KPI dashboards

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Use the following samples to configure and manage Log Analytics.