What is Azure Stack Technical Preview 3?

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Azure services from your organization’s datacenter. Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 is being made available as a Proof of Concept (POC). Once deployed, the POC is an ideal environment for learning and demonstrating Azure Stack features. It lets you deploy all required components on a single physical machine to create an environment for evaluating key concepts and capabilities, and validating the extensibility model for APIs.

Scope of Azure Stack POC

  • Azure Stack POC must not be used as a production environment and should only be used for testing, evaluation, and demonstration.
  • Your deployment of Azure Stack is associated with a single identity provider, like Azure Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services. You can create multiple users in this directory and assign subscriptions to each user.
  • With all components deployed on the single machine, there are limited physical resources available for tenant resources. This configuration is not intended for scale or performance evaluation.
  • Networking scenarios are limited due to the single host/NIC requirement.

Next steps

Key features and concepts

Hybrid Application innovation with Azure and Azure Stack (pdf)