Connect Storage Explorer to an Azure Stack subscription

Applies to: Azure Stack integrated systems and Azure Stack Development Kit

Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app that enables you to easily work with Azure Stack Storage data on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are several tools avaialble to move data to and from Azure Stack Storage. For more information, see Data transfer tools for Azure Stack storage.

In this article, you learn how to connect to your Azure Stack storage accounts using Storage Explorer.

If you haven't installed Storage Explorer yet, download and and install it.

After you connect to your Azure Stack subscription, you can use the Azure Storage Explorer articles to work with your Azure Stack data.

Prepare an Azure Stack subscription

You need access to the Azure Stack host machine's desktop or a VPN connection for Storage Explorer to access the Azure Stack subscription. To learn how to set up a VPN connection to Azure Stack, see Connect to Azure Stack with VPN.

For the Azure Stack Development Kit, you need to export the Azure Stack authority root certificate.

To export and then import the Azure Stack certificate

  1. Open mmc.exe on an Azure Stack host machine, or a local machine with a VPN connection to Azure Stack.

  2. In File, select Add/Remove Snap-in, and then add Certificates to manage My user account.

  3. Under Console Root\Certificated (Local Computer)\Trusted Root Certification Authorities\Certificates find AzureStackSelfSignedRootCert.

    Load the Azure Stack root certificate through mmc.exe

  4. Right-click the certificate, select All Tasks > Export, and then follow the instructions to export the certificate with Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER).

    The exported certificate will be used in the next step.

  5. Start Storage Explorer (Preview), and if you see the Connect to Azure Storage dialog box, cancel it.

  6. On the Edit menu, point to SSL Certificates, and then click Import Certificates. Use the file picker dialog box to find and open the certificate that you exported in the previous step.

    After importing, you are prompted to restart Storage Explorer.

    Import the certificate into Storage Explorer (Preview)

Now you are ready to connect Storage Explorer to an Azure Stack subscription.

To connect an Azure Stack subscription

  1. After Storage Explorer (Preview) restarts, select the Edit menu, and then ensure that Target Azure Stack is selected. If it is not selected, select it, and then restart Storage Explorer for the change to take effect. This configuration is required for compatibility with your Azure Stack environment.

    Ensure Target Azure Stack is selected

  2. In the left pane, select Manage Accounts.
    All the Microsoft accounts that you are signed in to are displayed.

  3. To connect to the Azure Stack account, select Add an account.

    Add an Azure Stack account

  4. In the Connect to Azure Storage dialog box, under Azure environment, select Use Azure Stack Environment, and then click Next.

  5. To sign in with the Azure Stack account that's associated with at least one active Azure Stack subscription, fill in the Sign in to Azure Stack Environment dialog box.

    The details for each field are as follows:

  6. After you successfully sign in with an Azure Stack account, the left pane is populated with the Azure Stack subscriptions associated with that account. Select the Azure Stack subscriptions that you want to work with, and then select Apply. (Selecting or clearing the All subscriptions check box toggles selecting all or none of the listed Azure Stack subscriptions.)

    Select the Azure Stack subscriptions after filling out the Custom Cloud Environment dialog box
    The left pane displays the storage accounts associated with the selected Azure Stack subscriptions.

    List of storage accounts including Azure Stack subscription accounts

Next steps