Azure CDN product features

There are three Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) products: Azure CDN Standard from Akamai, Azure CDN Standard from Verizon, and Azure CDN Premium from Verizon. The following table compares the features available with each product.

Performance features and optimizations Standard Akamai Standard Verizon Premium Verizon
Dynamic site acceleration
     Dynamic site acceleration - adaptive image compression
     Dynamic site acceleration - object prefetch
Video streaming optimization * *
Large file optimization * *
Global server load balancing (GSLB)
Fast purge
Asset pre-loading
Cache/header settings (using caching rules)
Cache/header settings (using rules engine)
Query string caching
IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack
HTTP/2 support
Security Standard Akamai Standard Verizon Premium Verizon
HTTPS support with CDN endpoint
Custom domain HTTPS
Custom domain name support
Token authentication
DDOS protection
Analytics and reporting Standard Akamai Standard Verizon Premium Verizon
Azure diagnostic logs
Core reports from Verizon
Custom reports from Verizon
Advanced HTTP reports
Real-time stats
Edge node performance
Real-time alerts
Ease of use Standard Akamai Standard Verizon Premium Verizon
Easy integration with Azure services such as Storage, Cloud Services, Web Apps, and Media Services
Management via REST API, .NET, Node.js, or PowerShell
Customizable, rule-based content delivery engine
URL redirect/rewrite (using rules engine)
Mobile device rules (using rules engine)

* Verizon supports delivering large files and media directly via the general web delivery optimization.