Azure China 21Vianet FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet (Azure China 21Vianet). Topics covered include accounts and subscriptions, portals, and operations.

Accounts and subscriptions

A subscription to Azure China 21Vianet works like a subscription to global Azure. For example, you can have more than one subscription, each with more than one user account, and you can create and use Azure services from any of your subscriptions. The same user is allowed in multiple subscriptions. Your bill details the cost for each subscription and the overall cost for all subscriptions.


What can I do in the EA portal?

The Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) portal, is an exclusive benefit of an enterprise online service premium agreement (OSPA). Here you can:

  • Add and manage departments.
  • Add accounts.
  • View usage and costs and create reports.

For help using the EA portal, visit the Video Center.

What can I do in the Account portal?

Account portal is being gradually retired. Its functions are now part of the new Azure portal that launched in June 2017. We encourage you to use the Azure portal for account management, but you can also continue to use the Account portal to:

  • Create, rename, renew, and cancel subscriptions.
  • Add more subscriptions.
  • Edit your contact information.
  • See preview features, which are added by subscription.

Why is my new enrollment status pending in the EA portal?

When a new enrollment is provisioned, the status is shown as pending. When you log on to the EA portal with the account, the status changes to active.


What’s the criteria for purchasing a subscription to Azure China 21Vianet?

To comply with the Anti-Terrorism Law, online service providers have an obligation to verify users through real-name authentication before rendering services. When you sign up for an Azure China 21Vianet subscription online or through a Microsoft sales representative, you must provide the following:

  • Local Chinese mobile phone number
  • Chinese citizenship ID or a China-registered business license

If you want to purchase an Enterprise Agreement through OSPA, you should complete a credit check with 21Vianet prior to starting the contract process. You must update your business license with registered capital information, tax register certification, past two years of financial reports, and other details. The Microsoft Account Team can help you with this process prior to submitting your request to 21Vianet. This requirement ensures that you can pay for the service.

Can I merge my Azure China 21Vianet account into my existing global Azure account?

Your Azure China 21Vianet account can’t be merged into an existing global Azure account because Azure China 21Vianet is a physically separated instance of cloud services located in mainland China.

Is there guidance on planning the migration of my applications?

Yes. To run on Azure China 21Vianet: